Learning, Leadership, and Education Policy

Program Requirements

The core coursework, taught by instructors across the three concentration areas, provides students an understanding of learning, leadership, and policy perspectives at individual, organizational, social, and policy levels. The courses afford opportunities for students to engage with peers from a wide range of professional and experiential backgrounds. Working with peers and instructors from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, students appreciate applications of foundational concepts and research across a variety of contexts and how their own research interests are situated in a broader body of knowledge.

At a minimum, all students in the LLEP program will complete:

  • 9 or more credit hours of research methods courses
  • 9 or more credit hours of courses in their area of concentration
  • 15 credit hours of GRAD 6950 (Dissertation Research)
  • 18 credit hours of required courses
    • EDLR 6313 – Educational Policy and Politics
    • EDLR 5204 – Organizational Learning
    • EDLR 5201 – Influences on Adult Learning
    • EDLR 6467 – Social Justice Leadership, Equity, and Change
    • EDLR 6050 – Proposal/Prospectus Development I

In addition, students must pass a General Examination to progress to doctoral candidacy. A written dissertation proposal must be orally defended prior to beginning the dissertation phase.