Sandy Bell presenting on Adult Learning models

Casey Cobb shaking hands with female CEPA guest speaker

Drs. Laura Burton, Joseph Cooper and Jennie McGarry with female graduate, 2016

Higher Education, Racial Justice, and Decolonization.

The LLEP program through its curriculum, extracurricular offerings, and faculty aims to:


Maximize the educational experiences of students and prepare them for current and future positions in adult learning, leadership & education policy, and sport management. 

Students will be prepared to respond to growth in the field of education through flexible and broadly applicable plans of study. They will be prepared for academic and administrative positions in schools of education, and leadership or research positions in school, university, government, think tank, business, and non-profit agency settings. 

Afford students opportunities for interdisciplinary studies and resources to support their work.

Across the three concentrations, courses, resources, faculty backgrounds and interests serve to enhance student interdisciplinary experiences including, but not limited to project-based academic students, grant funded research, conferences and colloquia, and outreach and service activities.

Increase collaboration among faculty and students, among students themselves, with related interests.

Opportunities for collaboration with faculty and other students include peer writing and research groups, teaching in courses or community education programs, and scholarly activities such as research projects, conference presentations, and publications, which contribute to the quality student experience the LLEP offers.